Monday, 26 December 2011

my problem

Can I know who I in this family?

Part of this family right? I know I the last child, I’m sorry cause make this family shame  I know I’m stupid, not like my brother, sister and cousin they are all clever. If you want know dad, I try hard to be your perfect son but you not support me u anymore, dad I always cry when you says that I stupid not clever like others. That fucking result make you change I’m sorry cause I can’t get ‘A’ in PMR exam, I know dad, you shame when your friends, ask you what I get in PMR? You cannot answer the question because I didn’t pass right. I still remember that night when you shouted at me because I didn’t get “A” in all subject, your feelings was disappointment to me I know that, but I acting happy and like stupid girl like don’t know how to care about your feelings. 
You stand in front me talk too much shouted and shouted u make I crazy u don’t know my feelings when you talk like that in front you I hold my tears, in your back I crying hard. Nobody know I’m crying I’m good when hoarding my tears I know all family didn’t like me I hide my feel in front u all. 

So you all can talk back about me you all think I did not know but I know all that. If you all want to know I always study before that exam start I always do study group in library, in class I’m the only one person that study if you all did not believe me you can ask my teacher, my principle you can get CCTV CD to look and see what I do in school. When u all angry with me shouted I try to talk I want u know that I study! But that time is not good for me to cut your talk and give me chance to talk. I’m accept what u all give me but in my heart so hard to accept that you say. Dad you say I cannot hang out next year until SPM and I cannot have any friend boy or girl I think you crazy because when I didn’t have any friends how can I study please tell me I need your answer? If you n my brother don’t want I hang out I accept that but if u didn’t want I have friends that I can’t accept I will ignore what u try to say.. ok until here I write cause I’m tired I want going out so see yeah .

-Last word-
Try to understand me and be my perfect family ok.

 This story in writing by, me Myra Hassan (true story)

everybody change

Who I am? What should I do now? Where all my friends why they run from me? What I do? I should find the answer but how? Too many answer to many question right now, I should got one answer to save myself .this all not my fault, but this comes from you. But why am I in the wrong state?

Now I'm alone didn’t have any friends nobody Want to be my friends, I sat in my room my tears flowed on the cheek. Nobody Understand my feeling. I try to be the best to you but this I got. From now on, I make choices to go on, My life without you all. And I try to search new friends from Twitter and Facebook and make they to be my Truely friends try to believe them more than I believe minister and the king also my Family. I do this because i want my life back, this means I want that old happiness back to me just that happiness i want to take from you all and I don’t want to take u back to me.     

 -The last word for you-

I love being your friend but when this happen to me i feel like someone try to give me a big Shit! and Laughter Grrr... than make I angry(feel be like angry bird) and i want to says thanks because make i alone n know who you're, And thanks coz you seized  all my boyfriend (i don’t care about tat).. I think you're my best ever and ever friend until I die but u Not , you seized all my friend until I had no friends you're my fucking shit! Friends ever, i think u Understand me but you're liar...u like Plastic person, I should know who you're before this happen to me. you know every night I cry because I remember the story of the past with you all I should forget but that memory so strong in my head. That's all I cannot continue this story because I will get hurt ..I miss you all ever and ever I love you my old friends forgive me if this make you hurt too...

This story in writing by, me Myra Hassan (true story)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

like madhop staff

-heheh hye semue aku kembali untuk cerite kan kisah aku yang sangat buat aku gembire hahahhah...sekarang ni aku lebih suke jalan sorang2 atau jalan ngn family aku,aku skarang da stop couple n aku gantung hari untuk mencari cinte aku ehhehe...tapi dlm diam2 aku stop cr bf aku ade suke budak laki yang keje kat kedai madhop heheh kali petame nmpk die aku da ckap dlm hati huh...mintak2 die tak de gf tapi kalu ad pown xpe la bia aku simpan je la cinte aku ni dlm hati lagi pown aku stop couple kan nak je aku suro kwn aku yng keje ngn die tu tolong aku cakap kat die yang aku suke die heheh tp malu la coz aku bukan rapat sgt ngn membe aku tu err...die smart la wey time aku beli baju kat kedai die aku tak perasan ad membe aku so aku pown slamber la masuk kedai tu aku main amek je sume baju yang aku nk thn time nk baya aku tgk die ckp ngn membe aku tanye harge aku pown ape lagi ckp dlm hati huh asal la si ezul ad kat sini aduh malu nyer style aku nga down ni hais..pas aku baya lak aku teros g toilet tuka baju thn aku saje dtg balik kedai tu pure2 hilang rantai padahal aku nk tgk die heheheh so style die hahahha nakal gyler aku..pastu time hari selase aku hang ngn abg aku,aku saje lalu depan kedai die dlm otak aku piki huh aku nk wat ape eh untuk dpt tgk muke die heheh skali idea aku kelua tego ezul minx num acoi thn dpt la tgk muke die hhehehe..akhirnya ngn muke tebal aku,aku tego ezul aku minx num acoi thn denggan bangge aku dapat tgk muke die ahahhahahah/...

*if nk tau ni kali petame aku gyle mcm ni hahahhaha dude lu style aku suke kau la
suke care kau cakap walaupown care kau ckp agak bongkak dan poyos heheh aku suke jugak
aku x kisa kau ad awek tp kalu ad awek ko ckp kat awek kau suro die jage kau baik punye hahah... k chow

*ezul azwan dpt txt aku an so rasie kan tau jgn bg tau sesape