Monday, 26 December 2011

everybody change

Who I am? What should I do now? Where all my friends why they run from me? What I do? I should find the answer but how? Too many answer to many question right now, I should got one answer to save myself .this all not my fault, but this comes from you. But why am I in the wrong state?

Now I'm alone didn’t have any friends nobody Want to be my friends, I sat in my room my tears flowed on the cheek. Nobody Understand my feeling. I try to be the best to you but this I got. From now on, I make choices to go on, My life without you all. And I try to search new friends from Twitter and Facebook and make they to be my Truely friends try to believe them more than I believe minister and the king also my Family. I do this because i want my life back, this means I want that old happiness back to me just that happiness i want to take from you all and I don’t want to take u back to me.     

 -The last word for you-

I love being your friend but when this happen to me i feel like someone try to give me a big Shit! and Laughter Grrr... than make I angry(feel be like angry bird) and i want to says thanks because make i alone n know who you're, And thanks coz you seized  all my boyfriend (i don’t care about tat).. I think you're my best ever and ever friend until I die but u Not , you seized all my friend until I had no friends you're my fucking shit! Friends ever, i think u Understand me but you're liar...u like Plastic person, I should know who you're before this happen to me. you know every night I cry because I remember the story of the past with you all I should forget but that memory so strong in my head. That's all I cannot continue this story because I will get hurt ..I miss you all ever and ever I love you my old friends forgive me if this make you hurt too...

This story in writing by, me Myra Hassan (true story)

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